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How To Create Tech House & Techno Synth Stabs

How To Create Tech House & Techno Synth Stabs

Audiotent Tip 374. Tech House & Techno Synth Stabs.

Follow these three tips to create a classic synth chord stab sound.
1) Choose a sawtooth or square wave as a source for your oscillators and experiment with the pitch detune between them.
2) Tune your oscillators to make up a major or minor chord. -7 -5 +3 +4 +5 +7 semitones values work great for this.
3) Assign a modulation envelope to the low-pass filter's cutoff frequency. Make the envelope short and snappy so the sound is open at the very beginning and then filters down.
These steps should give you a good starting point for recreating a classic synth stab patch, perfect for tech-house and techno.

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