3 Ways to Process Hi-Hats

3 Ways to Process Hi-Hats

Audiotent Tip 421 - 3 Ways to Process Hi-Hats

808 and 909 are the classic choice for sourcing hi-hats in techno and tech-house genres. Purists will use them raw, however, there is so much to be gained by applying additional processing.

Here are 3 techniques that will you personalise your hi-hats.

1. Distortion - Think of distortion as a colouring tool. Not every distortion is the same and will leave a different sonic signature on your sound. Experiment driving your hats through a variation of units to make your hats unique to you.

2. Guitar amps & cabinets - If you’re looking to create dirty sounding hi-hats you may want to consider applying guitar amp/cabinet fx. They tend to narrow the frequency range and round off the hats nicely.

3. Ring-shifter - A ring shifter can help to introduce tonality to your hats by adding resonant peaks. Automating the frequency can achieve interesting transitional effects.

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