10 Music Production Tips

10 Music Production Tips

Below you will find tips ranging from basic to advanced, covering all aspects of mixing, sound design and even production workflow.

Audiotent Tip 001.
How to make your kick but through the mix.
Try adding a reversed hi hat just before your kick sample. This should make the kick cut through the mix.

Audiotent Tip 002.
Controlled Air.
Duplicate your synth. Apply hi pass filter and compress it heavily. Mix this back in with original to increase controlled 'air'.


Audiotent Tip 003.
Mono Compatible Mixes.
Keep an eye on your correlation meter, if elements go into minus try reducing the width to make it more compatible in mono.


Audiotent Tip 004.
EQ Tip.
Increase the Q value of high & low pass filters to emulate a curve closer to an analog EQ.

Audiotent Tip 005.
Punchy Bass Preset.
When designing a tight, punchy bass preset, make sure you reset the phase of the oscillator.

Audiotent Tip 006.
Creating Width.
Delay one side of the channel to achieve perceived wideness. This works especially well for percussive sounds.

Audiotent Tip 007.
Reverb Pre-Delay.
Add a delay before the reverb on your send channel. Set the delay’s dry/wet signal to 100% wet and feedback to 0. This allows you to have a tempo synced pre-delay on any reverb you use.

Audiotent Tip‬ 008.
Layering Drums.
How do you make your snare sit in the mix? We like to layer organic sounds on top of synthetic sounds. e.g. adding a one shot shaker to a drum machine snare.
Audiotent Tip 009.
Quick EQ.
Tilt EQ’s simultaneously boost one end of the frequency spectrum while attenuating the other. Use them to quickly brighten or darken your tracks.

Audiotent Tip 010.
3 Panning Techniques.
Get creative with your panning, here are three techniques we use:
• Automate to increase your pan amount and rate over time. This works particularly well for riser and fall effects.
• If you pan one sound to the left, make sure you compensate by panning another similar (in frequency range) sound to the right.
• Static mono sounds with basic rhythm highly benefit from a touch of ping-pong delay.


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