7 Must-Have Free VST Software Instruments for Every Music Producer

7 Must-Have Free VST Software Instruments for Every Music Producer

As a music producer or enthusiast, finding quality software instruments without breaking the bank can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a lot of free VST instruments available that can take your productions to the next level. In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at our favorite 7 free VST software instruments.


1. Valhalla SuperMassive

Valhalla SuperMassive is a versatile, easy-to-use reverb and delay plugin that can add a lush, immersive sound to your tracks. It features 12 different reverb/delay modes, including chorus, pitch shift, and more. With intuitive controls, SuperMassive allows you to customize the reverb and delay to fit your mix perfectly.



2. Vital

Vital is a wavetable synth that offers incredible sound design capabilities. It features a wide range of wavetables and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create complex sounds. Vital also includes built-in effects like distortion, chorus, and delay, which can add depth and character to your sounds.



3. u-He Triple Cheese

Triple Cheese is a free synth plugin that specializes in creating unique, quirky sounds. It features three oscillators that can be mixed and modulated in a variety of ways, along with a filter and envelope controls. Triple Cheese also includes a built-in arpeggiator and a simple but effective delay effect.


4. Tal-Chorus-LX

TAL-Chorus-LX is a simple but effective chorus plugin that can add depth and width to your tracks. It features a single knob that controls the intensity of the effect, along with a switch to toggle between three different modes. TAL-Chorus-LX is great for adding subtle modulation to pads, guitars, and other instruments.



5. Native Instruments Komplete Start

Native Instruments Komplete Start is a free plugin bundle that includes over 2,000 sounds and effects. It features a wide range of instruments, including synths, pianos, drums, and more. While some of the instruments are limited, Komplete Start is an excellent way to get started with music production without spending a dime.



6. Voxengo Span

Voxengo Span is a free spectrum analyzer plugin that can help you visualize the frequency content of your tracks. It features a real-time FFT display that can show you the frequency response of your mix, along with stereo imaging and correlation meters. Span is an essential tool for analyzing and optimizing your mix.



7. CableGuys PanCake 2

CableGuys PanCake 2 is a free panning plugin that can add movement and width to your tracks. It features a simple interface with a visual display that shows the panning movement in real-time. PanCake 2 also includes built-in LFOs and modulation effects that can create complex panning patterns.


    In conclusion, these are some of our favourite free VST software instruments that can add a professional touch to your productions. Whether you're looking for lush reverb, quirky synths, or powerful effects, these plugins are worth exploring. So why not download them and try them out today?

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