Audiotent Overload

OVERLOAD // Logic Pro X Project

With this Logic Pro X template you will be able to explore all the mixing decisions to craft a tight and punchy mix.

Discover arrangement techniques that help you to keep the listener engaged for the length of your track.

Learn how to create a trademark rumble bass by using a chain of effects on your kick drum.

Download Overload today and expand your music production skills.

Overload // Logic Pro X Template

Using Overload you will…

• Gain a deeper understanding of how harmonic relationships are built

• Discover how sounds are intelligently designed inside Arturia Mini V3

• Build FM stabs using call and response patterns

• Synthesise your own percussion using Logic’s ‘Sculpture’

• See how the FX sounds were designed

Overload Screenshot

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Logic Pro X Project File

  • 15 x MIDI Channels

  • 12 x Audio Channels

  • 10 x Arturia Mini V3 Presets

  • 3 x Logic EFM1 Presets

  • 1 x Logic Sculpture Preset

  • 17 x Valhalla VintageVerb Presets

What Do You Need?

  • Logic Pro X v10.4 .1 or Higher

  • Arturia Mini Version or Higher

  • Valhalla VintageVerb

Overload ScreenshotOverload Screenshot

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