Audiotent Origami

ORIGAMI // DAW Project File

The Power to Create.

Origami is a project file for Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio & Logic Pro X.

Harnessing the power of uh-e Diva, Origami will show you how to design intricate analogue-style leads, bass, FX and more.

Learn how to write a release ready track using your preferred creative platform.

The template showcases an array of engineering strategies, neatly packaged into an inspiring piece of music, ready for you to study.

Sophisticated sound design meets graceful programming in this high energy, upfront production.

Owning this project will expand your technical knowledge and present you with new artistic options every time you create.

Origami // Project File Demo

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Project File for your DAW of choice

  • 23 x MIDI Channels

  • 3 x Audio Channels

  • 10 x u-he Diva Presets

  • 10 x Valhalla VintageVerb Presets

What Plugins Do You Need?

  • u-he Diva v1.4 or higher

  • Valhalla VintageVerb

  • Vladg Limiter No6. (Free Plugin)

Look inside the project file…

Using Origami you will:

• See how drums are carefully layered to create hard-hitting sounds with maximum impact.

• Learn how tension is created with the use of arrangement and automation.

• Discover new methods for enhancing rhythmical interest in your leads and percussion.

• Own 10 exclusive presets for uh-e Diva.

• Study the carefully selected mixing techniques used to create a punchy and dynamic mix down.

Choose Your Download


  • 1 x Ableton Live Project File

Ableton Live v9.7 or higher is required

ADD TO CART – £27.00


  • 1 x Steinberg Cubase Project File

Cubase Artist/Pro 9.5 or higher is required

ADD TO CART – £27.00


  • 1 x FL Studio Project File

FL Studio 20 or higher is required

ADD TO CART – £27.00


  • 1 x Logic Pro X Project File

Logic Pro X v10.4.1 or higher is required

ADD TO CART – £27.00


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