Audiotent Octagon

OCTAGON // Ableton Live Project

Octagon is a peak-time techno project file that displays the endless possibilities within Ableton Live.

Transform the way you make music by studying new techniques and applying them to your productions.

Find out what can be achieved using only Ableton stock instruments and effects.

Learn how to compose an uplifting melodic hook and build tension during the rhythmic parts of the track.

Octagon // Ableton Live Template Demo

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ableton Live Project File

  • 23 x MIDI Channels

  • 4 x Audio Channels

  • 10 x Ableton Operator Presets

  • 1 x Ableton Tension Preset

  • 1 x Ableton Wavetable Preset

  • 1 x Production Tips PDF

What Do You Need?

  • Ableton Live Suite v10.1.18 or higher (PC or Mac)

Octagon Screenshot

Using Octagon you will...

● Gain a deeper understanding of the layers that make a peak-time melodic techno track.

● Analyse the processing of the sub-layer for the kick.

● See how to use overdrive, filter and eq to sculpt an authentic reese bassline.

● Learn how to utilise automation to add intensity and power to your arrangement.

● Program tom drums to add groove to the low-end part of the rhythm section.

Download Octagon today and gain full access to the Ableton Live 10 project file.

Octagon Screenshot

Compatible with Ableton Live Suite v10.1.18 or higher

Production Tips PDF

The template also includes a PDF from the artist. Covering some of the production techniques from the project file explained in more detail.

The topics covered are:

• Main hook sound design & effect chain

• Drum group processing


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