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HELIUM // Ableton Live Project

Helium is a deep Ableton Live 11 project file that has its feet firmly in the dub end of the spectrum.

Expand your production knowledge and become more proficient in the studio.

Look inside the project and discover how to mix and layer all of the elements. Apply the same techniques into your own productions.

Learn how to compose an uplifting melodic hook and build tension during the rhythmic parts of the track.

Helium // Ableton Live Template Demo

What's Included?

  • 1 x Ableton Live Project File

  • 21 x MIDI Channels

  • 6 x Audio Channels

  • 7 x Arturia Mini V3 Presets

  • 1 x Production Tips PDF

What Do You Need?

  • Ableton Live Suite v11.0.5 or higher (PC or Mac)

  • Arturia Mini V3 VST v3.7.1.1263 or higher

Using Helium you will...

● Gain a deeper understanding of the all the layers that make up a full production.

● Analyse the kick drum layering and processing.

● See the sound design techniques and MIDI notes behind authentic dub techno chords.

● Learn how to layer your basslines and mix them to work in conjunction with your kick drum.

● Found out how to program and process drums for maximum punch.

Download Helium today and gain full access to the Ableton Live 11 project file.

Helium Screenshot

Compatible with Ableton Live Suite v11.0.5 or higher

Production Tips PDF

The template also includes a PDF from the artist. Covering some of the production techniques from the project file explained in more detail.

The topics covered are:

• Main hook sound design & effect chains

• Dub techno sound design and MIDI

• Alternative bassline idea


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