How to create drone FX

Audiotent Tip #428 // How to create drone FX An often-overlooked area of production is FX. A well placed and designed sound effect can really help set the tone of … Read More

Crispy Techno Hi-Hats

Crispy techno hi-hats

Audiotent Tip 424 // Crispy Techno Hi-Hats There are multiple ways to create and process techno hi-hats. Recording drum machines or layering the top loops seems a common practice. However, … Read More

Processing Organic Techno Percussion

Processing Organic Techno Percussion

Audiotent Tip 423 // Processing Organic Techno Percussion When programming percussion, drum machines become the obvious choice. However, this can lead to limitations with sound selection. One way to overcome … Read More

How to synthesise techno hats

Audiotent Tip #419 – How to Synthesise Techno Hats Intricately crafted and ever evolving hi-hats are a trademark of the melodic techno sound. Inside this step-by-step guide we are going … Read More