Ring Modulation for Creative FX

Ring Modulation for Creative FX

Audiotent Tip #430 // Ring Modulation for Creative FX A really interesting way to add spice to your FX sounds is to use a ring modulator. Applying this effect to … Read More

How to synthesise techno hats

Audiotent Tip #419 – How to Synthesise Techno Hats Intricately crafted and ever evolving hi-hats are a trademark of the melodic techno sound. Inside this step-by-step guide we are going … Read More

Riser and Fall FX Sound Design

Riser & Fall FX Sound Design

Audiotent Tip 385. Riser and Fall FX Sound Design. Creating synth effects can be a great way to build tension or anticipation in your tracks. Make sure to utilise the … Read More

Synthesising Bass

Synthesising Bass Sound Design Tips

Audiotent Tip 365. Synthesising Bass. There are many ways to synthesise bass. A good starting point is to get the oscillators sounding nice and full, before moving onto the filter … Read More

Envelopes Before Processing

envelopes before processing

Audiotent Tip 358. Envelopes Before Processing. When designing sounds take the time to shape the sound exactly as you want it with the synth envelopes before you reach for that … Read More