Crispy Techno Hi-Hats

Crispy techno hi-hats

Audiotent Tip 424 // Crispy Techno Hi-Hats There are multiple ways to create and process techno hi-hats. Recording drum machines or layering the top loops seems a common practice. However, … Read More

3 Mid/Side EQ Techniques

Audiotent Tip 415. 3 Mid/Side EQ Techniques. Understanding mid/side processing will give you more control and focus on your mix and is considered a secret weapon among mixing engineers. What … Read More

Narrow Q When Cutting

Narrow q when cutting

Audiotent Tip 396. Narrow Q When Cutting. When removing unwanted resonances using an equalizer, it’s often a good practice to use a narrow Q value. This way the cut is … Read More

Hi-Hat Definition

Hi-Hat Definition

Audiotent Tip 384. Hi-Hat Definition. Cutting the high frequencies from a hi-hat seems like a counterintuitive idea. However, hi-hat samples can often be over-processed and contain too much fuzzy top … Read More

How to Create a Telephone Vocal Effect

Telephone vocal effect

Audiotent Tip 375. Telephone Vocal Effect. Here is a little trick to create a lo-fi vocal effect using just an equaliser. First, insert your favourite eq. Flexible digital eq would … Read More

EQ Before or After Reverb?

EQ before or after reverb?

Audiotent Tip 344. EQ Before or After Reverb? Shaping and controlling the frequencies of your reverb is a vital mixing decision. For example, when applying reverb to your bass you … Read More

Choosing Your EQ

Choosing your eq

Audiotent Tip 343. Choosing Your EQ. There are many different choices when it comes to choosing an EQ for your sound. Shelving, Graphic, Parametric etc. Each one has it’s own … Read More

Getting Rid Of The Mud

Getting rid of the mud

Audiotent Tip 341. Getting Rid Of The Mud. Here are three techniques to decrease the muddy, cloudy or boxy frequencies in your sound. 1) Eq cut. Most often, what seems … Read More