Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Audiotent Ableton Frequency Shifter

Audiotent Tip #432 // Frequency Shifter Transition Effect Transition FX are the final gloss in your mix and arrangement. They tell the listener a change is about to happen and … Read More

Chorus Automation

Chorus Automation

Audiotent Tip 379. Chorus Automation. Adding a chorus effect can help to push your sound further to the back of the mix and make it appear wider. Use this to … Read More

FX processing on your mixdown

FX processing on your mixdown.

Audiotent Tip 319. FX processing on your mixdown. There are multiple ways to create transitions between different parts of your track. The most common are adding a tom/snare fill, or … Read More

Automated delays

Automating delays

#AudiotentTip 297. Automated Delays. So, you’ve built a killer 8 or 16 bar loop and it’s time to stretch it out into a full arrangement. The problem is, when you … Read More

Manual Gain Riding

Manual gain riding

#AudiotentTip 247. Manual Gain-Riding. When working with sampled instruments or electronic sounds, it’s often a great idea to enhance their dynamic movement. A good technique to achieve that is riding … Read More

Automating your BPM to build tension

Speed alteration

#AudiotentTip 235. Speed Alterations. Try automating the speed (BPM) of your track to build tension and anticipation. A great technique is to slow the speed down in the breakdown and … Read More

Macro smart controls

Macro smart controls

#AudiotentTip 171. Macro (Smart) Controls. Use the smart controls in your DAW or inside a supported synth plugin (Native Instruments Massive, Xfer Serum, Reveal Sound Spire etc.). They will give … Read More

Gain automation

Gain automation

#AudiotentTip 167. Gain Automation. When automating the volume of your instruments in your arrangement, use a dedicated gain plugin. This will allow you to alter the overall level of the … Read More

Automating the master fader

Automating the master fader

#AudiotentTip 161. Automating the Master Fader. Once the mix is done, there is another trick to add extra dynamics to your music. Try automating the volume of your master fader. … Read More