Watch and learn the creative process from start to finish

Discover how Reset Robot creates a track from scratch


21 Lessons

Dave Robertson shows you how to produce a Techno track from the ground up. Revealing his full creative process and decision making along the. way.

2 Hours 42 Minutes

Every step explained in detail. See the process of selecting drums, building layers with synthesizers, arrangement, sequencing, mixing & mastering.

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  • Introduction

  • Kick Drum Processing

  • Building The Track Foundation

  • Recording Hi-Hats

  • Additional Drums

  • Chord Stabs

  • Low percussion

  • Layering Synths

  • Rides & Open Hi-Hat

  • Lead synth layering

  • Pad Creation & Processing

  • Arrangement Part 1

  • Arrangement Part 2

  • Recording Moog Matriarch

  • Arrangement Part 3

  • Arrangement Part 4

  • Adding a 303 Lead

  • Additional bass layer

  • Mixing

  • Designing an Alternative Kick Drum

  • Mastering

Producer, engineer and DJ extraordinaire Reset Robot is the alias of Dave Robertson, an accomplished artist based in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK.

Since launching the pseudonym in 2009 he has traveled the globe, DJing at many of the world’s most influential clubs and festivals, as well as rolling out a slew of well-received productions on labels such as Drumcode, We Are The Brave, Suara, Hotflush and his own platform Whistleblower Records.

During this 2+ hour studio feed you will gain a complete insight into his production process. Learning new tips & tricks that you can apply to your own productions.

Listen to the track...

Reset Robot // Studio Feed

Preview a quick tip from the course...

Reset Robot shows a quick way to add extra pace and groove to the hi-hat section.