Start To Finish Production Course


Start To Finish

James shares with you his complete creative process of making a melodic techno track from start to finish.


Follow along to learn how the full track is being arranged. Explore subtle automation, effects and fine detail on transitions.

3 Hours 14 Minutes

Every aspect of composition revealed. From programming drums to writing a melodic hook.

Inside this course you will learn how to...

  • Kick

    Tune & process the kick to make it sit perfectly within the mix.

  • Bass

    Pick the right sound and tweak to make it yours. Assign effects to Macro for creative automation. Create a frequency specific sidechain compressor.

  • Drums

    Program drums & percussion inside the MIDI editor. Creatively cut and layer loops. Add swing to the groove. Process the drums as a group.

  • Percussive Noise

    Synthesize, process and program a percussive noise groove.

  • Melodic Synth

    Pick the right sound. Assign macro for easy control. Create melodic motif using the MIDI editor.

  • Bass Growl

    Add a signature bass growl sound to build anticipation. Use saturation to increase texture.

  • Synth Ambience

    Process synths to create to create depth and ambience.

  • Textures

    Use a layer of noise or recorded sample to add textures to the music.

  • Signature Lead

    Compose a ‘hook’, memorable lead sound that makes the track recognisable.

  • Arrangement

    Introduce & remove elements throughout the track to create a full arrangement. Automate various parameters to smooth transitions.

  • FX

    Add effects to give your track the final touch.

  • EQ

    Tidy up the project with the frequency specific cuts.


Ableton Live Project File Also Included

Follow along at your own pace. Load up the project file and explore the sounds and mixing decisions in real time.

The exact project file is included, although not essential to the production tips and techniques covered in the start to finish course.

To load the project file you will require:

• Ableton Live Suite v10.1.7 or higher
• Arturia Pigments VST/AU v1.2 or higher
• Arturia Matrix-12 VST/AU v2.4.1.2810 or higher
• Arturia Jup-8V VST/AU v3.4.1.2810 or higher

TEGRA // Start To Finish Production Course


Preview one of the many production tips from the course...

James explains how to create a dry/wet chain so that you have more control over the final reverb signal. The advantage of this over having the effect on a send is the reverb will also be going through the drum bus processing.