Audiotent Transistor

TRANSISTOR // Analog Bass Melodics

Instant low-end success.

Transistor is a powerful collection of 107 melodic bass loops that will give you instant results. All samples created and recorded using analog equipment. Giving you access to the thick, warm and solid low-end that you desire.

Each of the 107 bass loops are truly unique from one another. Offering diverse patterns and expert sound design to make your music come alive.

Upgrade to transistor deluxe and gain access to 136 drum hits. Featuring 108 drum hits recorded directly from the famous MFB Tanzbär drum machine, and an additional 28 layered drum samples.

Transistor is the library you will rely on time and time again.

Behind The Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at how some of the loops were created.

The majority of the FX processing was done on the Elektron Octatrack. All the synths and drum sounds were sent through it for final processing.

Some of the FX used:
• Spring/Plate/Dark Reverb
• Chorus/Flanger/Comb Filter
• Spatializer/Filtering
• Bitcrush/Distortion

The modular synth bass Lines were also treated through the Intellijel JellySquasher analog compressor, for that added punch.

Full kit-list:

• Korg MS-20
• Elektron Octatrack
• MFB Tanzbär Drum Machine
• Eurorack Modular Synth. Various modules from:
• Make Noise
• Mutable Instruments
• Intellijel
• Pittsburgh Modular

Please note: The FX samples heard in the demo are not included.

Sample Previews

  • Transistor Loop #029 F#m

  • Transistor Loop #047 Em

  • Transistor Loop #060 F

  • Transistor Loop #063 Cm

  • Transistor Loop #066 Fm

  • Transistor Loop #076 F#m

  • Transistor Loop #079 Em

  • Transistor Loop #087 Gm

  • Transistor Loop #091 Em

  • Transistor Loop #096 Cm

Choose Your Download


For producers that just want the high quality melodic analog bass loops.

  • 107 Melodic Analog Bass Loops

ADD TO CART – $23.00


For producers that want the analog bass loops, MFB Tanzbar drum machine hits.

  • 107 Melodic Analog Bass Loops

  • 27 MFB Tanzbar Kicks
  • 27 MFB Tanzbar Claps/Snares
  • 27 MFB Tanzbar Hi-Hats
  • 27 MFB Tanzbar Percussion Hits

  • 7 Layered Kick Drums
  • 7 Layered Snares
  • 7 Layered Hi-Hats
  • 7 Layered Percussion

ADD TO CART – $36.00

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