RESISTANCE // Modular Sequences

A collection of 107 raw and vigorous modular sequences to give your music new identity. There is something special, recognisable and particularly rich in the sound of modular synthesisers. So powerful, it can trick you to believe your speakers suddenly became larger than they actually are. Focused and detailed samples will give you instant satisfaction and inspire you to make new tracks. Take your music on a hypnotic journey...

Resistance // Modular Sequences Demo

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the pack.

  • 003 Swarm 128bpm A

  • 013 Strohmflux 128bpm C

  • 031 Rasper 128bpm D

  • 042 Frieght Train 128bpm D#

  • 050 Machine 128bpm A#

  • 058 Hiding Sub 128bpm G#

  • 062 Soma 130bpm C

  • 065 Stuffed 130bpm C#

  • 068 Backstage 130bpm D

  • 070 Intricate 130bpm D

  • 077 Spandex 130bpm F#

  • 079 Strohmfehler 130bpm

  • 080 Phase It 130bpm D

  • 081 Tubetest 130bpm D#


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