Raw & Hypnotic

Immerse yourself in the world of hypnotic sounds derived from analog equipment. Use the loops to add a unique sonic imprint to your music.

Giving You Control

The 37 unique drum loops have been exported into 6 separate stems. Full loop, hi-hats, kick, no kick, perc and stripped. Giving full control when it comes to arrangement.

MIDI Files

Choose Induction Deluxe Edition to download the 148 MIDI files. If you like to learn and dissect the melodic structure of the loops this is the option for you.


Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

Drum Loops

Bass Loops

Synth Loops

Chord Loops

Pads & Atmospheres

Percussion Loops

Drum Top Loops


Rhythmic Textures

Drum Hits

What you get inside the pack

  • 37 x Bass Loops
  • 37 x Synth Loops
  • 37 x Pads & Atmospheres
  • 37 x Percussion Loops
  • 37 x Chord Loops
  • 37 x Rhythmic Textures
  • 37 x FX
  • 222 x Drum Loops
  • 37 x Drum Top Loops
  • 37 x Kick Drums
  • 37 x Hi-Hats
  • 37 x Claps
  • 37 x Snares
  • 37 x Percussion
  • Download 1.49 GB

INDUCTION // Standard Edition

  • 518 x Loop Samples
  • 185 x Single Drum Hit Samples

ADD TO CART - £37.00

INDUCTION // Deluxe Edition

    • 148 x MIDI Files
    • 518 x Loop Samples
    • 185 x Single Drum Hit Samples

      ADD TO CART - £47.00

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