Audiotent Fuze

FUZE // Techno Percussive Elements

Allowing your percussion to evolve.

Fuze is a large library of Techno percussive loops. At the heart of the pack is 107 individual Techno percussion themes. These unique loops have then been evolved into new sections, allowing you to evolve the sample within your arrangement.

A total of 305 loops, 617MB in size. Please note: The kick drums from the demo are not included inside the release.

All loops created by Kostas Maskalides. His exceptional attention to detail can be heard in each and every loop. Covering every aspect of percussion. 808, 909, Casio sounds, maracas, doumbeks, Japanese handpans and more.

Fuze // Techno Percussive Elements Demo

Sample Previews

  • 016c AT Fuze – 127bpm Bb

  • 017b AT Fuze – 127bpm Db

  • 021a AT Fuze – 127bpm E

  • 028a AT Fuze – 127bpm Ebm

  • 031c AT Fuze – 127bpm Am

  • 039a AT Fuze – 127bpm Bm

  • 047c AT Fuze – 127bpm Am

  • 049a AT Fuze – 127bpm Abm

  • 063a AT Fuze – 128bpm Bb

  • 075a AT Fuze – 128bpm Fm

  • 078a AT Fuze – 128bpm

  • 100a AT Fuze – 128bpm Gbm

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