Audiotent Folium

FOLIUM // Foley Percussion Loops

The idea behind Folium was to create a percussion loop library from live recordings. The first step in the process was to record a large number of objects being struck, moved, switched on. You name it, we sampled it. Everything from doors being slammed, a washing machine spinning, to a photocopier running out of paper.

Our sound design team then processed each loop with great attention to detail. Taking time to apply just the right amount of analog EQ, saturation and FX. These everyday sounds and the rhythms they generate add a sense of life to otherwise static, ‘on-the-grid’ drum programming.

The result is 107 percussion loops, all recorded at 120 BPM and ready to drop into your next production.

Folium // Demo

Sample Previews

  • 005 AT Folium – Machine

  • 009 AT Folium – Layered

  • 013 AT Folium – Minimal

  • 016 AT Folium – Runner

  • 019 AT Folium – Door

  • 025 AT Folium – Organic

  • 031 AT Folium – Scoop

  • 037 AT Folium – Marker

  • 039 AT Folium – Region

  • 042 AT Folium – Sharp

  • 056 AT Folium – Lock

  • 092 AT Folium – Paper

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