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FLUID RIDES // Techno Ride Samples

Speed up your workflow.

A bespoke collection of ride cymbal samples that will add interest and drive to your industrial rhythms.

Fluid Rides delivers 107 recorded and processed cymbals. Each sample has been fine-tuned, bringing you extreme character and detail in every hit.

Choose Fluid Rides Deluxe Edition to gain access to 107 ride loops. Spend less time searching for the right sample. Drag and drop the loops into your next project for instant energy.

Fluid Rides // Techno Ride Samples Demo

Sample Previews

One Shots

  • 004 AT Fluid Ride

  • 022 AT Fluid Ride

  • 031 AT Fluid Ride

  • 059 AT Fluid Ride

  • 081 AT Fluid Ride

  • 084 AT Fluid Ride

Ride Loops

  • 010 AT Fluid Ride Loop – 123bpm

  • 027 AT Fluid Ride Loop – 123bpm

  • 032 AT Fluid Ride Loop – 124bpm

  • 048 AT Fluid Ride Loop – 124bpm

  • 056 AT Fluid Ride Loop – 125bpm

  • 098 AT Fluid Ride Loop – 126bpm

Choose Your Download


For producers that only want one shot samples.

  • 107 Ride One Shot Samples

ADD TO CART – £9.00


For producers that want one shot samples & loops.

  • 107 Ride One Shot Samples
  • 107 Ride Loops

ADD TO CART – £17.00

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