Audiotent Fluid Foley

FLUID FOLEY // Foley Samples

Engineered for Techno.

If you have listened to Techno over the past 10 years, the chances are you’ve heard a lot of Foley sounds inside your favourite tracks.

These recorded and processed everyday sounds are a core component in every producers toolkit. More often than not, foley samples are used to add texture and drive the rhythmic section forward.

Inside Fluid Foley there are 107 uniquely recorded samples. Giving you a broad selection of timbres, ranging from metallic strikes, crunchy noise textures and muffled knocks.

Fluid Foley // Demo

Sample Previews

  • 016 AT Fluid Foley

  • 023 AT Fluid Foley

  • 035 AT Fluid Foley

  • 039 AT Fluid Foley

  • 060 AT Fluid Foley

  • 068 AT Fluid Foley

  • 072 AT Fluid Foley

  • 099 AT Fluid Foley

  • 102 AT Fluid Foley

  • 104 AT Fluid Foley

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