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DYNASTY // Chord Loops & MIDI Files

The basis of harmony.

Dynasty is a raw collection of 107 analog infused chord loops. Thick, warm and harmonically rich.

Each of the 107 synth loops are truly unique from one another. Offering diverse patterns and expert sound design.

DYNASTY // Chord Stabs Demo

Looking for chord MIDI Files?

Have you ever wondered which specific notes were played within a certain chord loop?

Choose Dynasty // Deluxe Edition and receive 107 MIDI files. These are the exact MIDIs that were used to create the included 107 chord stab loops.

• An excellent way to learn new chord patterns.

• Expand your knowledge of music theory.

• Instantly kickstart new track ideas.

Dynasty Deluxe Edition is exclusive to

Sample Previews

  • 04 AT Dynasty 126bpm am

  • 09 AT Dynasty 126bpm dm

  • 12 AT Dynasty 126bpm c#m

  • 29 AT Dynasty 126bpm fm

  • 32 AT Dynasty 126bpm am

  • 45 AT Dynasty 126bpm c#m

  • 52 AT Dynasty 126bpm gm

  • 53 AT Dynasty 126bpm a#m

  • 59 AT Dynasty 126bpm cm

  • 78 AT Dynasty 126bpm em

  • 81 AT Dynasty 126bpm fm

  • 83 AT Dynasty 126bpm d#m

Choose Your Download

DYNASTY // Standard Edition

  • 107 Chord Stab Synth Loops

ADD TO CART – £17.00

DYNASTY // Deluxe Edition

  • 107 Chord Stab Synth Loops
  • 107 Chord Stab MIDI Files

ADD TO CART – £27.00


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