Dirt // Main Demo

Tech-Inspired Colours

Plunge into a collection of rugged basslines, chunky drums and blissed out 90’s pads. Dirt has been curated especially for producers looking to impart a fresh twist into their sound palette.

Essential Sounds

The full-size library contains all of the necessary elements required to make many new productions. Mix and match the key-labelled loops into any DAW. Get ideas flowing fast, helping you stay creative in the studio.

Complete Control

Inside the drum loop folder you will find 37 kits. Each kit comprises of 6 different stems. Full loop, just the kick, hi-hats, percussion, kick plus percussion and no kick loops. Allowing you to have full control when it comes to arrangement. That’s a total of 222 drum loops.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

Drum Loops

Bass Loops

Synth Loops

Chord Loops

Pads & Atmospheres

Percussion Loops

Drum Top Loops


Rhythmic Textures

Sub Rumbles

What you get inside the pack

  • 37 x Bass Loops
  • 37 x Synth Loops
  • 37 x Pads & Atmospheres
  • 37 x Percussion Loops
  • 37 x Chord Loops
  • 37 x Rhythmic Textures
  • 37 x FX
  • 37 x Sub Rumble Loops
  • 222 x Drum Loops
  • 37 x Drum Top Loops
  • 37 x Kick Drums
  • 37 x Hi-Hats
  • 37 x Claps
  • 37 x Snares
  • 37 x Percussion
  • Download 1.13 GB

DIRT // Full-Size Library

  • 555 x Loop Samples
  • 185 x Single Drum Hit Samples

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