Audiotent Aurora

AURORA // Full-Size Library

Expand your horizons.

Discover Aurora, an expansive world of infinite creativity.

Explore this vast library of magnetic samples, hypnotic percussion and compelling textures.

Our largest sample library to date. A total of 454 samples and 66 MIDI files. Over 1GB in size.

This unparalleled collection is all-encompassing. It has everything you need to design your next out-of-this world production.

Aurora // Full-Size Library Demo

Sample Previews

Bass Loops

27 Powerful progressive bass loops.

Synth Loops

27 Melodic analog key-labelled synth loops.

Chord Loops

27 Signature chord loops.

Pads/Texture Loops

27 Multi dimensional pad/texture loops.

FX Loops

27 Impactful and evolving FX loops.

Analog Percussive Loops

27 Moog Sub 37 analog percussive sounds

Drum Hits & One Shots

Create your own signature loops.
27 Key labelled kick drums
27 Hi-Hats
27 Percussion
27 Claps
27 Bass one shots
27 Chord one shots
Totalling 108 drum hits and 54 analog synth one shots.

Drum Loops

27 Complete drum loops. Each loop is broken down into it’s core elements. Top loop, percussion loop, kick loop, hi-hat loop, no kick loop etc.
Giving you full creative control over the samples and ease of use when arranging a full track. 130 drum loops in total.

Full Pack Breakdown

  • 27 x Bass Loops
  • 27 x Synth Loops
  • 27 x Chord Loops
  • 27 x Pads/Texture Loops
  • 27 x FX Loops
  • 27 x Analog Percussive Loops
  • 27 x Kick Drums
  • 27 x Hi-Hats
  • 27 x Claps
  • 27 x Percussion
  • 27 x Bass One Shots
  • 27 x Chord One Shots
  • 130 x Drum Loops
  • 19 x Bass MIDI Files
  • 19 x Chord MIDI Files
  • 14 x Pad MIDI Files
  • 14 x Synth MIDI Files
  • All Loops are 120 BPM
  • Download 1.13 GB

Take a look inside the sample library…

Watch the video and experience more sounds included in the library.

All of the loops and samples inside Aurora were recorded from analog synths and drum machines.

Kit list:
Elektron Analog Keys
Elektron Analog Rytm
Moog Sub 37
Roland 808
Roland Juno-60
Roland Space Echo RE-201
Korg MS-20
Korg Monotron Delay
Waldorf Blofeld

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