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Use the 107 presets to craft your perfect mix. Get your drum bus to punch, your bassline thick and present, whilst adding a final polish to your master chain. Slope has it all covered.


EQ presets that will be used for your daily mixing, sound sculpting and mastering tasks.

Dynamic presets can greatly improve the timbre of your sound as well as enhance it’s transient properties. Adding bite to your snare drum or ‘smashing’ the entire drum bus to gain character are just a few of many possible applications.

Synth Focussed
Synths, more than less times require minimum equalisation, due to their internal filters and sound sculpting capabilities. Having said that, sometimes we require extra definition or need to highlight a particular frequency band to make synths stand out in a mix. Our synth presets will offer you a range of options when you come to mix your next track.

Matched Hardware Curves
The hardware curves have been meticulously matched, so you get the time-proven presets that work so incredibly well on a wide range of sound sources. Dial in the thickness from a Pultec, low-end bump of a Neve, SSL punch to your drums or open up the top end with some Maag air band magic. It's all covered.

Creative Presets
The creative category has been created to give your source signal a drastic transformation. In here you will find gear specific fixed filter banks, spectral processors, resonant eq's and vocoders. Each eq band has been carefully mapped to the hardware counterpart. This category also features a number of other super creative processors that we have designed. Comb filtering, mid-side expansion/compression and a super quick way to dialling in sub rumbles with 'moving the furniture'.

Each and every production is different and should be treated individually. However, there are certain frequencies that we can reach for a broad number of applications. The mastering section features presets that work as excellent starting points right the way through to instant results for mixes that lack low-end thickness or definition in the mid-range.

To use the presets you need to already own:
Plugin Alliance Three-Body Technology Kirchhoff EQ v1.6.0 or higher.


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT 1073 Synth Magic

AT Bass Refine

AT Big and Bright

AT Clariphonic Super Width

AT Curve Bender Synth Betterizer

AT Drum Bus Energy

AT DrumBus Bump

AT DrumBus Vintage

AT Inflator

AT Magnify (Move Freq)

AT Moving The Furniture

AT Pultec Kick

AT Scientific Widener

AT Solid State Bandpass

AT Spice up Transients


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