Creating a Techno Bassline Using Kick Reverb

how to create a techno bassline

Audiotent Tip #434 // How To Create a Techno Bassline Using Kick Reverb

In this video, we guide you through a process we used, when creating one of the demo kits/project files for our Arturia CS-80 preset pack “Function”.

We will show you how to create a Techno bassline, using a reverb from the kick on a send/return channel inside Ableton Live. The video explains each step of the process. Adding the return track, applying EQ, saturation and the all-important gate. This is then triggered by a ghost hi-hat sample and imparts the groove.

This video was created inside Ableton Live but the same techniques can be applied to any DAW.

Let us know in the comments what topic you would like us to cover next.

If you would like to gain access to the project file that is shown in the video, be sure to check out our pack called “Function”. The deluxe version includes 107 Arturia CS-80 presets, MIDI, loops, drum hits, 7 Ableton Live projects and 7 Logic Pro X templates.

Get the project file here:

Download more techno sub bass loops like the one in the video here:

The Sonic Academy Kick 2 presets are from our pack called “Fabric”. More info here:

3 Comments on “Creating a Techno Bassline Using Kick Reverb”

  1. Super nice tips
    Wondering u guys could give some specific tips for psytrance or psy progressive trance kick and bass production, for the very low-end management?
    Cause various information from many producers I work with, I would like to have to have your opinion.
    1/ we should low cut or bass line and kick with HP filter
    2/ we shouldn’t use HP filter but more bell filter and Lowshelf to reduce some of the lower frequencies.
    Thanks for your help if possible.

  2. Thnx Guys,

    For the tutorial. I purchased ” Fabric ” directly. What a nice presets.



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