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ZENITH // u-he Zebra 2 Presets

We've been keeping this a secret, until now...

Zenith includes 57 state-of-the-art presets for the u-he Zebra 2 software synthesizer.

Put the outside world on hold – this is all about you and your music. No noise, no distractions. Just exceptional industry-leading presets..

Exclusive preset bank. Only available on

ZENITH // u-he Zebra 2 Presets Demo


Industry leading presets

  • Extremely powerful

    On the surface Zebra can look very overwhelming to program. All the available OSCs, filters, envelopes, effects can lead to never ending tweaking and indecisiveness. We remove this barrier by allowing you to simply load up any of the 57 presets and get on with making music.

  • Engineered to inspire you

    All 57 presets were carefully designed to help kickstart your creative process.

  • Why choose deluxe?

    With the deluxe edition you will gain access to 57 matching MIDI files. Having a matching preset and MIDI File can be a welcome learning tool. You can see and hear how the preset was designed to be used. Which octave range, the spacing between notes, velocity amounts and more.



To use the presets you will need:

  • u-he Zebra 2 v2.9 or higher

* Please note: The Zebra 2 VST/AU plugin is not included.

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

  • 01 AT BASS - Dawn dm

  • 05 AT BASS - Destruction cm

  • 11 AT BASS - Fomo G

  • 018 AT LEAD - Opium f#m

  • 20 AT LEAD - Science cm

  • 24 AT LEAD - Runner dm

  • 28 AT LEAD - Hoof cm

  • 33 AT LEAD - Broken fm

  • 35 AT PAD - Wave gm

  • 37 AT PAD - Dusty bm

  • 41 AT PAD - Enigma am

  • 48 AT PLUCK - Iron dm

  • 51 AT PLUCK - Reboot f#m

  • 56 AT PLUCK - Stripes gm

Select Your Download


For producers that just want the presets.

  • 57 u-he Zebra 2 Presets

ADD TO CART - £20.00


For producers that want the presets, matching MIDIs and WAV loops.

  • 57 u-he Zebra 2 Presets

  • 57 Matching Melodic MIDI Files

  • 57 Melodic WAV Loops

    ADD TO CART - £30.00


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