RESPONSE // Arturia CS-80 V Presets Main Demo


  • Produce an extensive collection of tracks

    Prepare to embark on a sonic voyage with our tailor-made preset library for Arturia CS-80v. ‘Response’ is an exclusive collection of presets that will provide you with a palette of rich and expressive sounds for your new tracks for years to come.

  • Incorporate a distinct sonic vibe

    Unleash the full potential of Arturia’s CS-80v plugin with a total of 107 painstakingly crafted presets. Delve into a world of lush pads, deep bass, warm keys and captivating leads, all designed to embody the CS-80's iconic sonic character.

  • Indulge yourself

    The CS-80 was renowned for its lush polyphony and expressive playability. Our presets capture the essence of this sonic grandeur, providing you with tones that are not just rich but also responsive and dynamic.

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT SUB - Sub Shaper
AT SUB - Subby
AT BASS - Gamma Ray
AT BASS - House Foundation
AT BASS - Ring That
AT LEAD - Belle
AT LEAD - Carbon
AT LEAD - Degraded
AT LEAD - Dirty Old Tape
AT LEAD - Intervals
AT KEY - Portal
AT KEY - Projections
AT KEY - Quantum
AT KEY - Vivace
AT PAD - Canyon
AT PAD - Obsessed
AT PAD - Orbital
AT PAD - Synced
AT PAD - Vivid
AT ARP - Technology


To use the presets you will need to already own:

  • Arturia CS-80 V version or higher


For producers that just want the presets.

  • 107 Arturia CS-80 V Presets

ADD TO CART - $45.00


For producers that want the presets and matching MIDI files.

  • 107 Arturia CS-80 V Presets

  • 107 Melodic MIDI Files

  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops

ADD TO CART - $58.00

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