As producers, we're on a never ending quest to search out the most captivating sounds.

With the Knifonium plugin, Knif Audio and Brainworx have come to our aid, providing us with one of the most realistic and natural sounding emulations of a hardware synth yet.

Our team has meticulously handcrafted 107 presets for this synth, offering up a library full of smokey, full-bodied and warm analogue sounds.

Fanatical attention has been paid to the gain staging to squeeze only the best out of the whopping 26 vacuum tubes, resulting in a sound dripping in tasteful distortion and sophisticated saturation.

With NITRATE, inject some luxury and class into your productions.

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  • Big, bold sounds

    The library covers a wide range of timbres. Extracting beautiful colours in each and every category. Nitrate is packed with 107 industry leading presets. Bass, leads, keys, pads and arps are all covered. Be prepared for stellar sounds that will thrill your senses.

  • Matching MIDI Files

    The deluxe edition features the Audiotent trademark of matching MIDI files and presets. Each of the 107 sounds are provided with an accompanying MIDI file. This can be used to kickstart your creativity or to further assist your music writing skills.

  • Royalty-Free

    As with all of the products in our store, Nitrate is 100% royalty-free. That means you can use the presets, MIDIs and WAV loops in your commercially released productions without any further payment.



To use the presets you will need:

  • Plugin Alliance Knifonium v1.3.1 or higher

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

003 AT BASS - Heliosphere cm
005 AT BASS - Symbiosis fm
024 AT BASS - Bloop am
031 AT BASS - Arcade cm
032 AT BASS - Alkaline am
033 AT BASS - Humidity fm
038 AT BASS - Ripper em
040 AT BASS - Phatty dm
042 AT LEAD - Venus d#m
049 AT LEAD - Frozen F
052 AT LEAD - Rune C
054 AT LEAD - Genesis d#m
056 AT LEAD - Velvet em
059 AT LEAD - Somnium fm
061 AT KEY - Overlay fm
063 AT KEY - Spiral fm
072 AT KEY - Worlds fm
074 AT KEY - Megabyte fm
076 AT PAD - Toneful f#m
077 AT PAD - Talisman d#m
082 AT PAD - Kubota d#m
086 AT PAD - Hesitate gm
090 AT PAD - Faderunner f#m
092 AT ARP - Chapter d#m
096 AT ARP - Tightrope F#
100 AT ARP - Hyperspace cm
105 AT ARP - Bacon gm
107 AT ARP - Onium d#m



For producers that just want the presets.

  • 107 Plugin Alliance Knifonium Presets

ADD TO CART - 53.00


For producers that want full control.

  • 107 Plugin Alliance Knifonium Presets

  • 107 Matching MIDI Files

  • 107 Key-labelled Melodic Wav Loops

ADD TO CART - 81.00

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