ILLUSION // Arturia Prophet-5 V Presets Main Demo


  • Signature sounds

    Dive into the deep, pulsating rhythms and ethereal soundscapes of ambient dub techno. From lush pads and evolving atmospheres to resonant chords and deep basses, you'll find everything you need to create that signature sound.

  • Ready for production

    These presets are exclusively designed for use with Arturia's latest Prophet-5 V, ensuring perfect compatibility and a seamless integration into your workflow.

  • Get access to everything

    Choose the deluxe version and access all of the drums loops, percussion loops, drum hits from the main audio demo and lots more! As always, by purchasing from our store you will be granted a 100% royalty-free license to use any of the sounds in your commercially released productions.

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT SUB - Age
AT SUB - Dropped
AT BASS - Apparition
AT BASS - Continent
AT BASS - Emperor
AT BASS - Night Vision
AT LEAD - Exoplanet
AT LEAD - Parabole
AT LEAD - Permutation
AT LEAD - Retro
AT KEY - Batholith
AT KEY - Cassiterite
AT KEY - Inner Self
AT KEY - Memory Lane
AT KEY - Musical
AT PAD - Avionics
AT PAD - Lapetus Ocean
AT PAD - Permafrost
AT PAD - Rust
AT PAD - Synergy


To use the presets you will need to already own:

  • Arturia Prophet-5 V version


For producers that just want the presets.

  • 107 Arturia Prophet-5 V Presets

ADD TO CART - £45.00


For producers that want the presets and all of the audio samples.

  • 107 Arturia Prophet-5 V Presets

  • 37 Drum Top Loops

  • 37 Percussion Loops

  • 37 Texture Loops

  • 185 Drum Hits

  • 20 Preset Preview MIDI Files

  • 20 Preset Preview WAV Loops

ADD TO CART - £69.00

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