Immersive experience

Intuitive categories of presets will help you find the perfect delay settings for your source sound. Keep your creativity flowing and get fast results. These 107 presets will expose a diverse range of colours that the Valhalla Delay is capable of generating.

Essential delays

The presets have been fine tuned to work with many types of synths & drum machines as well as acoustic instruments. Inside the library you will find specific settings for kicks, claps, hi-hats along with particular categories such as LoFi and Dub, which capture a certain vibe.

Transformative results

The power of delay can truly transform the color and intensity of your instruments. It’s especially apparent for synthetic sounds such as synthesizers and electronic drum machines. Adding the right delay choices within your tracks will give a new identity to your projects.

“Selecting the right delay settings for your instruments has never been easier”

Before & After Previews

Hear the transformation for yourself.

  • Short - AT Stardom

  • Medium - AT Ecstatic

  • Long - AT Dreams

  • Ping Pong - AT Rhetorical

  • LoFi - AT Irregular

  • Dub - AT Decade

  • FX - AT Invert

  • Drums - AT Driven Toms

  • Drums - AT Fast Hi-Hats

  • Drums - AT Power Kick

  • Synths - AT Shallow Water

  • Synths - AT Headspace

  • Synths - AT Energy

  • Modulation - AT Robot

  • Pitched - AT Cinematic

  • Pitched - AT Crystal

What type of presets do you get inside the pack?

  • 7 x Short
  • 7 x Medium
  • 7 x Long
  • 7 x Ping-Pong
  • 7 x Lo-Fi
  • 7 x Dub
  • 17 x FX
  • 17 x Drums
  • 17 x Synths
  • 7 x Modulation
  • 7 x Pitched
  • Total of 107 delay presets

Please note: To use the presets you need to already own Valhalla Delay v2.1.0 or higher. Plugin not included.

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