• Fat and Analog

    Current day synthesizers are blessed with unlimited modulation capabilities, crazy routing options and wide range of effects. Yet, we find ourselves reaching out for somewhat simple synths from the 80s. There is a good reason why! They can produce an incredible range of raw, thick, warm and analog sound that we all love so much.

  • Glorious Pads

    Lush and spacious synth pads will add depth and drama to your music. Expect to hear rhythmical pulsations and subtle movements that add a modern twist to the presets.

  • Pure Power

    If you are looking for bass sounds to test the limits of your soundsystem, Duality bass presets will be a good place to start. Capturing raw moments of sub potential, ready to be used in your tracks.

Duality // Presets Main Demo

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied. Preset preview MIDI files included in the download.

004 AT BASS - Alone f#m
008 AT BASS - Bond f#m
014 AT BASS - Acidic d#m
019 AT BASS - Identity cm
024 AT BASS - Keylight fm
025 AT BASS - Soothing em
028 AT LEAD - Origami a#m
030 AT LEAD - Kensington d#m
032 AT LEAD - Ashes f#m
035 AT LEAD - Influence d#m
043 AT KEY - Reload cm
047 AT KEY - Beergarden d#m
057 AT CHORD - Illusion em
058 AT CHORD - Darked cm
061 AT CHORD - Paradox d#m
063 AT CHORD - Charger d#m
064 AT CHORD - Discovery cm
072 AT CHORD - Spiller c#m
075 AT PAD - Spiral d#m
076 AT PAD - Galaxy em
077 AT PAD - Luxury d#m
083 AT PAD - Angelic cm
086 AT PAD - Acceleration cm
087 AT PAD - Suction am
103 AT ARP - Experience gm
104 AT ARP - Certification fm

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  • 107 Arturia JUN-6V Presets

  • 26 Bonus Preview Melodic MIDI Files

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To use the presets you will need:
  • Arturia JUN-6V version or higher.
Please note: The JUN-6V plugin is not included.

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