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ARPTIC // Arturia ARP2600 Presets

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A first glance the ARP2600 can be extremely overwhelming. All those sliders, buttons and patch points are enough to send any producer down a rabbit hole for hours on end. Our team has put in those hours so you don't have to. Giving you quick access to 107 inspiring presets.

The ARP2600 has been pushed to the edge. Exploring diverse modulation routing thanks to its semi-modular architecture.

All areas of production are covered in this exclusive preset bank. Only available on

ARPTIC // Demo


  • Semi-modular sound design methods

    Learn how to apply new patching techniques to create unique sounds.

  • Engineered to inspire you

    All 107 presets were carefully designed with maximum playability in mind. Paying close attention to the envelope shapes and dialling in the right effect settings.

  • Learn how the demo tracks were made

    Choose Arptic Deluxe and you will have access to complete 7 Ableton Live project files. These are the exact same projects used to create the main demo. You will discover how each element is working together to achieve a final mix-down. PLEASE NOTE: In order to load the project files you will require Ableton Live Standard or Suite 10.1.5 (or newer), and Arturia ARP2600 version or higher



The ARP2600 patched and pushed to the limit.

All areas of production covered; Bass, Leads, Pads, and Sequences.

Choose deluxe and access all 7 ARP2600 Ableton Live project files.


To use the presets you will need:

  • Arturia ARP2600 VST/AU v3.4.1.2810 or higher

* Please note: The Arturia ARP2600 plugin is not included.

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

  • AT Arptic Bass - Electro

  • AT Arptic Bass - Galaxy

  • AT Arptic Lead - Chills

  • AT Arptic Lead - Fusion

  • AT Arptic Lead - Grid

  • AT Arptic Lead - Harbor

  • AT Arptic Lead - Monogon

  • AT Arptic Pad - Cultures

  • AT Arptic Seq - Cosmos

  • AT Arptic Seq - Roadblock

Choose Your Download


For producers that just want the presets.

  • 107 Arturia ARP2600 Presets

ADD TO CART - £37.00


For producers that want the presets and the Ableton Live project files.

  • 107 Arturia ARP2600 Presets

  • 7 x Complete Template Project Files
  • Element (Ableton Live)
  • Clocks (Ableton Live)
  • Razor (Ableton Live)
  • Jura (Ableton Live)
  • Interstellar (Ableton Live)
  • Espresso (Ableton Live)
  • Airwave (Ableton Live)

ADD TO CART - £226.00 £97.00


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