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ANALYSE // Sonic Academy ANA 2 Presets

ANA has been a long-time favourite instrument amongst producers of all genres. Now, with the 2.0 upgrade it packs even more power and sound shaping possibilities.

The first Audiotent bank for ANA is here. Featuring 57 presets with a variety of timbres to choose from.

All areas of production are covered in this exclusive preset bank. Bass, leads, keys, pads and FX.

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Presets that push the envelope...
  • Wavetables

    Wavetables can often add complexity and edge to the sound design. Layering them with analog based shapes brings an interesting palette of presets. The Analyse preset library contains a mixture of tricks and techniques to make sure each preset has its own identity.

  • Macros

    All 4 macros along with a Modulation Wheel have been assigned, so you can transform the presets at your fingertips. Twist the sounds and automate them across the arrangement.

  • Effects

    Effects can make or break a good preset. Too little and it can appear plain and lifeless. On the other hand, overused effects can often hide the true beauty of the core sound. Finding a balance is very rewarding. Making sure all the presets are inspiring and ready to be used within your track.



To use the presets you will need:
  • Sonic Academy ANA 2 VST/AU v2.0.98 or higher
* Please note: The ANA 2 plugin is not included.

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

  • AT Bass - Sphere

  • AT Bass - Dentist

  • AT Bass - Western

  • AT Bass - Power

  • AT Lead - Cloud

  • AT Lead - Bells

  • AT Lead - Choir

  • AT Lead - RE-201

  • AT Lead - Tracker

  • AT Keys - Primary

  • AT Pad - Guideline

  • AT Pad - Decode



Exclusive pack. Only available on

  • 57 x Sonic Academy ANA 2 Presets

ADD TO CART - £20.00


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