SAMPLING // Out of the Box

The 'Out of the Box' series is a collection of music production tutorials focussing on advanced tricks & tips using software plugins. These are the same techniques our team have crafted over the years and are now passing onto you.

Each course is designed to educate and inspire you to make new tracks. Presenting you with creative sound design tips that will make your music stand out.

In this first course we cover sampling within Ableton Live. A total of 74 minutes split into 6 lessons.


  • 01. Sampler Algorithms

    Using different types of sampler algorithms on a drum loop to add lo-fi crunch, saturation and glue.

  • 02. Creative Artefacts

    How to generate pleasing artefacts and textures from time stretching.

  • 03. Bass Loop Transformation

    Using Ableton Sampler to twist a loop into a moving Techno bassline. Use this rack to emulate the DFAM.

  • 04. Modular-esque Sequence

    Taking a loop and transforming it into a modular style percussion sequence.

  • 05. Sampler FM-AM Sequence

    How to totally transform a loop using frequency and amplitude modulation.

  • 06. Instrument Creation

    Turn any loop into a unique and playable sound source.

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