MACROS // Out of the Box

Macros - Out of the Box is a 1 hour course that covers a variety of creative uses for Ableton Macros.

Learn how to save time by setting up complex macro signal paths and automate multiple parameters with a twist of one knob.

Take a full advantage of Ableton Macros and develop special effects and processing Racks.

Gain a deeper understanding of the power of macros when constructing original melodic sequences and riffs.

Harness the potential of macro mapping to audition samples and speed up your workflow.


  • 01. Introduction

    Talking about the application of macros. What they are and why they are useful.

  • 02. One Knob Master Buss FX Builder

    How to build a master buss fx rack to add intensity before a drop.

  • 03. Intense Drum Buss FX

    Building a really intense and unique drum buss FX rack.

  • 04. Ear Candy Rack

    Trippy FX moments by using two random LFO’s one for each delay time to automatically twist and bend the times.

  • 05. Random Riffer

    Create many different melodic lead lines with a turn of a macro.

  • 06. Filter/ Volume Rack

    Switchable three filter rack (Low Pass/Band Pass/High Pass) to speed up your arrangement automation.

  • 07. Drum Sample Selector Rack

    A quick and easy way to audition different samples whilst your track is playing. Essential rack for choosing the right sample for your production.

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