Increase your productivity

Ever felt like your melodic ideas tend to get stuck in a similar pattern? We’ve all been there. New musical progressions and modes can help you break out of the loop. Broaden your theory knowledge and increase productivity.

Release new music

Each of the MIDI files is royalty-free and can be used as they are. However, you can always add your own twist and personalise the MIDIs to your own liking. Layer, transpose or build new harmonies and melodies on top.

No duplicates

All of the MIDI files inside the release are composed from the blank state. Making each MIDI an original track idea, that can stand on its own.

Seamless integration

MIDI files are a recognisable format across the range of most of today’s DAWs. Once imported into the project, you will be able to access all the note and velocity information inside the MIDI.

MIDI File Previews

Listen to a selection of the 107 MIDI files included inside Rigel Note.

Pegasus Note

004 AT Rigel Note - Wistful am

Pegasus Note

069 AT Rigel Note - Air gm

Pegasus Note

075 AT Rigel Note - Nevada d#m

Pegasus Note

076 AT Rigel Note - Stream gm

Pegasus Note

077 AT Rigel Note - Lush c#m

Pegasus Note

085 AT Rigel Note - Treatment d#m

Pegasus Note

088 AT Rigel Note - Basin d#m

Pegasus Note

103 AT Rigel Note - Wide cm

Pegasus Note

104 AT Rigel Note - Magnetise dm

Pegasus Note

105 AT Rigel Note - Modular d#m

What you get inside the pack

  • 107 x MIDI Files
  • Download 7 MB