Music theory

Analysing the harmonies and melodies is the fastest way to learn how your favourite hooks are constructed. Using the MIDIs will help you develop your own favourite motifs and phrases.

No more writers block

How many times have you opened your DAW and immediately lacked inspiration? Omega Note has been created so that you can break down the creative barrier and instantly spark your imagination.

Get fast results

A library that lets you get to the end result quick. Each loop has its own distinct character. Pick the one by the mood you’re currently in and the production process will naturally follow.

“107 new track ideas are waiting for you inside Omega Note.”

Attention to detail

The attention to detail like no other MIDI loops, because there is no MIDI loops alike. All the content is original, crafted by the very best producers of our team.

Seamless integration

Each MIDI is marked with a key signature, so you can easily add it to your existing project, in any DAW, without the worry of key transpositions.

MIDI file previews

Listen to a selection of the 107 MIDI files included inside Omega Note.

Omega Note

30 AT Omega Note MIDI - Current cm

Omega Note

32 AT Omega Note MIDI - Capacity cm

Omega Note

35 AT Omega Note MIDI - Engine gm

Omega Note

38 AT Omega Note MIDI - Cell em

Omega Note

50 AT Omega Note MIDI - Kilowatt g#m

Omega Note

57 AT Omega Note MIDI - Utility cm

Omega Note

65 AT Omega Note MIDI - Volt gm

Omega Note

71 AT Omega Note MIDI - Bridge cm

Omega Note

86 AT Omega Note MIDI - Lane am

80 AT Vega Note MIDI - Ephemeris cm

93 AT Omega Note MIDI - Mile cm

89 AT Vega Note MIDI - Earth d#m

98 AT Omega Note MIDI - Reverse cm

Omega Note

106 AT Omega Note MIDI - Turn cm

What you get inside the pack

  • 107 x MIDI Files
  • Download 7 MB