How To Make Your Kick Drum Cut Through The Mix

How to make your kick cut through the mix

#AudiotentTip 001.

If you’re looking to make your kick cut through a busy mix try this technique.

First, find a very short closed hi hat sample. Reverse the sample and move it just before your kick drum. Next, lower the volume of the reversed hi hat sample so it’s audible before the kick. This small sample before the kick will help to accentuate the transient of the kick, making it cut through the mix a little easier.

Having the perfect kick can make or break an electronic track. With our pack Ultimate Synth Drums we created 50 kick drums using synthesisers to retain the pure dynamics and solid tone for each hit. Inside you’ll also find 50 hi hats. These are perfect for reversing and applying this technique. Check out the pack previews below:

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