Ableton Wavetable // Expert Guide

A carefully planned 2 hour and 41 minute online streamable sound design course. Covering a number of tips, tricks and routing ideas that help you discover unique and complex timbres.

An engaging lesson plan that digs deep into the Ableton Wavetable synth architecture and mod matrix capabilities. Covering wavetable position modulation, oscillator FX and creating your own wavetables from audio loops. All to help you gain a broader perspective on sound design.

Unlock the full potential of the Ableton Wavetable instrument.

* Please note: The Ableton Wavetable plugin is not included.


Lesson Plan

  • Controls Overview

  • Wavetable Position Modulation

  • Creating Unique Timbres

  • Designing Your Own Wavetables

  • Unison Tricks

  • Creative Filter Tips

  • Patch Creation: FM Lead

  • Patch Creation: Pad

Total course time: 2hrs 41mins