What you will learn

  • How to use the advanced features available in Serum

  • Grasp the full potential of Serum’s wavetable editor

  • Understand each building block of preset design

  • Feel confident using Serum’s Modulation Matrix

  • Find new ideas for modulation routings

  • Create new patches from the init state of the instrument

  • Apply the FX to add depth, emotion and a sense of space

  • Discover the vast range of filter types and their uses

Lesson Plan

  • Overview & Signal Flow

  • Menu & Preset Options

  • Wavetable Oscillators

  • Warp Options

  • Sub Oscillator

  • Noise Oscillator

  • Filters

  • Modulation Matrix

  • Envelopes

  • LFOs

  • Velocity & Note

  • Mod Wheel & Macros

  • Keyboard & Voicing

  • FX - Hyper Dimension

  • FX - Distortion

  • FX - Filter

  • FX - Flanger, Phaser & Chorus

  • FX - Delay

  • FX - Reverb

  • FX - EQ

  • FX - Compressor

  • Global

  • Wavetable Editor

  • Patch Creation (Bass)

  • Patch Creation (Lead)

  • Patch Creation (Pad)

  • Patch Creation (FX)

  • Patch Creation (Sequence)


A comprehensive guide to Xfer Serum that enables you to fully understand its full potential and empowers you to design your own original sounds.

You will be able to come up with new routing ideas that help you discover unique and complex timbres.

You will learn how to apply and automate a full range of effects accessible in Serum. Moreover, you will get a new perspective on the power of Serum’s Wavetable Editor.


No previous experience with Xfer Serum is required. The expert guide will teach you everything you need to know from A to Z.

To load the included 5 presets you will need:

• Xfer Records Serum VST/AU v1.286 or higher

* Please note: The Xfer Serum plugin is not included.



A-Z roadmap to Serum

Develop a profound understanding of sound design in Serum. Every parameter and function is covered in detail.

28 Lessons

An engaging lesson plan that digs deep into Serum’s synth architecture and routing capabilities. Covering wavetables, macros, filters, effects and signal flow. All to help you gain a broader perspective on sound design.

6 Hours 34 Minutes

Gain access to over 6 hours of on-demand video and start learning everything there is to know about the Xfer Serum software synthesizer.

Preview a section from the course…

James explains the LFO section and applies a series of practical assignments.