A carefully planned 1 hour and 55 minute online streamable sound design course. Covering a number of tips, tricks and routing ideas that help you discover unique and complex timbres.

An engaging lesson plan that digs deep into Repro-5's synth architecture and mod matrix capabilities. Covering filter modulation, voice index, effects and signal flow. All to help you gain a broader perspective on sound design.

Unlock the full potential of the Repro-5 and it's on board effects.

* Please note: The u-he Repro-5 plugin is not included.


Lesson Plan

  • Main Controls

  • Oscillator Tips

  • Oscillator Sync

  • Pulse Width Modulation

  • Filter Modulation

  • Pitch Modulation

  • Feedback & Distortion

  • Additional Tips & Tricks

  • Patch Creation: Bass

  • Patch Creation: Pluck