Learn the Buchla Easel

Develop an acute understanding of sound design inside the Easel V software. Every parameter and function is covered in detail.

17 Lessons

Grasp the full potential of the iconic Buchla Easel. This expert guide is packed full of patching techniques and focusses on the complex nature of this instrument.

2 Hours 20 Minutes

Gain access to over 2 hours of on-demand online video and start learning everything there is to know about the Arturia Buchla Easel V software synthesiser.

Lesson Plan

  • Overview & Signal Flow

  • Controls In-Depth

  • Sequential Voltage Source - Pitched Sequence

  • Sequential Voltage Source - Complex Osc Timbre

  • Sequential Voltage Source - Mod Osc Mod Depth

  • Sequential Voltage Source - Gate Mod

  • Pulser - Extra Envelope

  • Pulser - Off Kilter Rhythms

  • Random CV

  • MIDI CV Velocity

  • MIDI CV Key Follow

  • Left Hand & Gravity

  • Patch Creation - AT Bass - Constant

  • Patch Creation - AT Lead - Shifter

  • Patch Creation - AT Lead - Devote

  • Patch Creation - AT Sequence - Monster

  • Patch Creation - AT Sequence - Foundation


The iconic Buchla Music Easel is well know for its experimental sounds and complex patchbay routing. Although the Easel can be very daunting at first glance, this expert guide has been designed to breakdown the learning barrier, allowing you to load up the instrument with confidence.

With over 2 hours of online tuition, you will develop a deep understanding of the Arturia Buchla Easel and all of its functions.

A comprehensive lesson plan that digs deep into the Buchla synth architecture and routing capabilities. Covering signal flow, wavefolding, complex modulation, advanced panel controls, patching techniques and examples.


No previous experience with Arturia Buchla Easel V is required. The expert guide will teach you everything you need to know from A to Z.