MIDI Sweetspot

Audiotent music production tips midi sweetspot

#AudiotentTip 107. MIDI sweetspot. Once you have the musical idea for your track ready, try transposing the entire MIDI to a different key signature. This can spark a different mood … Read More

Musical EQ

Audiotent music production tips musical eq

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 108. Musical EQ. Make sure you use frequencies of musical notes to your advantage. When boosting, aim for those frequencies that align with notes inside the key signature of … Read More

Bit Crusher Automation

Audiotent music production tips bit crusher automation

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 109. Bit Crusher Automation. On your drum fills or other short transition effects, try adding a bit crusher. Automate the downsampling parameter to achieve a ‘downgrade’ type effect. This … Read More

10 Music Production Tips

Below you will find tips ranging from basic to advanced, covering all aspects of mixing, sound design and even production workflow. Audiotent Tip 001. How to make your kick but … Read More