Mastering Compressor Sidechain Filter

Masting Compressor Sidechain Filter Tip

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 102. Compressor Sidechain Filter. When applying compression on bass heavy material or across a final mix, try enabling the sidechain high pass filter. This will stop the compressor from … Read More

Low Pass EQ

Low Pass Eq music production tip

#AudiotentTip 103. Low Pass EQ. Removing any unnecessary sub frequency rumble from elements that don’t need it seems like common advise. This works great for creating space in the mix … Read More

Convolution Reverb

Convolution Reverb

#AudiotentTip 104. Convolution Reverb. Algorithmic reverbs tend to be more flexible due to their design. However, using an impulse response based convolution reverb is a great way to achieve a … Read More

3 Tips To Thicken Your Bass

Audiotent 3 ways to thicken your bass

#AudiotentTip 105. 3 ways to thicken your bass. 1) Apply some tape saturation to give the bass more body and midrange. 2) Use parallel compression to extend the bass tails … Read More

Kick Transient

Audiotent tips for creating the perfect kick drum and kick transient

#AudiotentTip 89. Kick Transient. Technique A) If you find your kick lacks bite and doesn’t cut through the mix, split it right after the transient. Duplicate the transient onto another … Read More

Processing in Solo

Audiotent music production tips processing in solo

#AudiotentTip 106. Processing in solo. When processing individual channels it’s very tempting to work with the track being solo’d, however this is not always best practice. Always listen to how … Read More

MIDI Sweetspot

Audiotent music production tips midi sweetspot

#AudiotentTip 107. MIDI sweetspot. Once you have the musical idea for your track ready, try transposing the entire MIDI to a different key signature. This can spark a different mood … Read More

Musical EQ

Audiotent music production tips musical eq

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 108. Musical EQ. Make sure you use frequencies of musical notes to your advantage. When boosting, aim for those frequencies that align with notes inside the key signature of … Read More

Bit Crusher Automation

Audiotent music production tips bit crusher automation

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 109. Bit Crusher Automation. On your drum fills or other short transition effects, try adding a bit crusher. Automate the downsampling parameter to achieve a ‘downgrade’ type effect. This … Read More