Compressor Sidechain Filter

Compressor Sidechain Filter

#AudiotentTip 422. Compressor Sidechain Filter. When compressing the mix buss, try engaging the sidechain high-pass filter. This will prevent the lowest frequencies from triggering the compressor.

3 Ways to Process Hi-Hats

3 Ways To Process Hi-Hats

Audiotent Tip 421 – 3 Ways to Process Hi-Hats 808 and 909 are the classic choice for sourcing hi-hats in techno and tech-house genres. Purists will use them raw, however, … Read More

Using Delay as a Reverb

Using delay as a reverb

Audiotent Tip 420 // Using delay as a reverb This technique can be used to add a sense of space to the synth sounds. Here is a dry synth pluck … Read More

How to synthesise techno hats

Audiotent Tip #419 – How to Synthesise Techno Hats Intricately crafted and ever evolving hi-hats are a trademark of the melodic techno sound. Inside this step-by-step guide we are going … Read More

3 Mid/Side EQ Techniques

Audiotent Tip 415. 3 Mid/Side EQ Techniques. Understanding mid/side processing will give you more control and focus on your mix and is considered a secret weapon among mixing engineers. What … Read More

Building Snare Rolls for Electronic Music

Audiotent Tip #414. Building Snare Rolls for Electronic Music. Whether you produce tech-house, deep house, techno or progressive, you know how important snare rolls can be. They enhance the transitions … Read More