Anatomy of the Techno Kick

How to create a techno kick

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How To Overcome Writers Block

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10 Things We Like About Arturia Pigments

10 things we like about arturia pigments

Arturia Pigments Pigments by Arturia is a ‘Polychrome Software Synthesizer’… we are not sure if that is a legit synthesiser category or Arturia claiming a niche for this unique synth, … Read More

5 Ways to Rough Up Clean Sounds

5 Ways to Rough Up Clean Sounds

In this video, I’m going to show how to rough up the clean sounds with the use of saturation, distortion and tape emulations. Please make sure you are listening to … Read More

Unsynced LFO to OSC pitch

Unsynced LFO to OSC pitch

Audiotent Tip #437 // Unsynced LFO to OSC pitch This small modulation setting can lead to some very interesting textures, especially when designing pad sounds. A slow rate LFO assigned … Read More