Kostas Maskalides Synth Loops


Forged within the heart of a Furnace.

Kostas Maskalides returns with a formidable offering of red-hot synth lines.

107 masterful synth loops, carefully programmed using over 15 different synthesisers and extracted from deep within the heart of his personal studio.

Download Kostas Synth Loops today and explore an enchanting universe of dark, mesmerising and highly usable sounds.

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Kostas Maskalides // Techno Synth Loops Demo

Explore the loops within…

Are you ready to enter a new dimension where each sound takes on a life of it’s own? Using this stunning collection you will experience a full spectrum of sonic colours forged using every style of synthesis available.

Each fully modulated loop has been meticulously engineered and carved using every production technique found within Kostas’ arsenal.

Sample Previews

  • 019 Synth Loop 126bpm Bbm

  • 033 Synth Loop 126bpm D

  • 037 Synth Loop 126bpm Bm

  • 055 Synth Loop 126bpm F

  • 058 Synth Loop 127bpm Fm

  • 059 Synth Loop 127bpm G

  • 060 Synth Loop 127bpm Dbm

  • 064 Synth Loop 127bpm Cm

  • 081 Synth Loop 127bpm Bbm

  • 082 Synth Loop 127bpm Gm

  • 086 Synth Loop 127bpm Ab

  • 087 Synth Loop 127bpm Gbm

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