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How to setup a compressor

How To Set Up A Compressor

Advanced Production Video Tutorial

A step by step guide on how to dial in the correct settings on a compressor.

Follow the sequence.

Dial in the right compression every time.

Compression can be a tricky tool to master. It becomes even more difficult if you don’t follow a sequence. Not knowing what order to apply settings on a compressor can have you going around in circles.

In this video we’re going to walk you through a specific sequence of how to correctly set up a compressor.

Following this specific order will allow you to dial in the correct parameters every time.

This will also stop you from returning to previously set controls and endless tweaking.

This is not a beginner tutorial. To achieve maximum value from the video we assume you already have a basic understanding of what a compressor and it’s controls do.

SSL Compressor

What you will learn?

  • How to set up your compressor into the perfect default state.
  • The correct order to set each compressor parameter.
  • Techniques that you can apply to any sound.

What’s included?

A step by step video tutorial

In just over 6 minutes we will show you how to effectively dial in the correct settings on a compressor. Adding bite to a snare drum and glueing the mix bus.

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