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Massive Presets

Massive Presets

Audiotent are extremely proud to present you with the very latest collection of 64 sounds for Native Instruments Massive.

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Audiotent have left no stone unturned with every preset, carefully designed from scratch and using all eight macros in every patch.


Pushing Native Instruments Massive to its limits, Audiotent has you covered in every area of production - from throbbing basses, searing leads and huge progressive plucks to evolving aps, lush pads and keys, full-on chords, sparse percussion and spacial effects.


Just fire up the patches and unleash your next EDM anthem!


Presets included in the pack:


  • 15 x Bass
  • 10 x Lead
  • 5 x Arp
  • 10 x Pluck
  • 5 x Pad
  • 5 x Chord
  • 5 x Key
  • 5 x Perc
  • 5 x FX


Please note:


The audio demo uses drum samples and simple white noise transitions that are NOT included in the pack. 


This pack contains Massive presets only.


64 Massive Presets.